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PromoNet® Couponing Solution

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Intelligent promotional couponing for carded & uncarded players. The goal of every casino is to identify their most valuable customers while enhancing the gaming experience beyond the players’ expectations. But until now, casino operators have been challenged to identify non-carded players or differentiate the most valuable patrons in real-time. FutureLogic’s PromoNet® solution provides the answer. This intelligent couponing solution identifies valuable players, targets both carded and non-carded players, links promotions to game-play and delivers promotions exactly where and when they are needed.


  • Reward Individual Player Performance
  • Personalize Your Promotions
  • Couponing 24/7 From Anywhere
  • Couponing Across Your Operation

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The PromoNet solution enables operators to tailor different rewards programs to all players (carded or not). With promotional triggers working in real-time, the PromoNet solutions can link game-play metrics and slot promotions directly to player behavior, thus enabling casinos to boost Player Club sign-up, extend game play and increase slot revenues.

Compatible with the latest FutureLogic TITO and desktop printers,the GEN3 Evolution® printer, the GEN2 Universal™ printer as well as the CouponXpress™ printer and DRT™ redemption terminals, the PromoNet solution offers easy-to-use Marketing Studio and Online Monitoring software.

Through a multi-level access, control and secure approval features, the system can allocate budgets, design coupons, select triggers and conditions and, finally, approve promotions and download them to designated slot machines across the operation.

Once downloaded, coupons can be issued from the slot machines either automatically, based on game-play behavior that meets pre-set conditions, or manually, via the casino’s host issuing on-demand coupons through mobile computing solutions. Players can then redeem the coupons at the relevant location. This solution personalizes the player’s experience by allowing them to redeem, exchange or accumulate coupons, or progress through game play according to their own rewards program.

With a multitude of ways to segment marketing data, PromoNet’s Business Analytics features provide all the information casinos need to identify player preferences, optimize promotion effectiveness and maximize results across the operation.


  • Coupon Design and Layout
  • Issuance Triggers
  • Issuance Locations
  • Redemption and Rewards


  • Intelligent Couponing
  • System Applications
  • Business Solutions
  • Market Drivers
  • Target Groups

System Architecture

  • Network Topology
  • Hardware
  • System Layers
  • Security and Administration

Business Analytics

  • Promotion Status & Dashboard
  • Utilization Metrics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Audit Reporting
  • Online Monitoring

Identify High-Value Anonymous Players

  • Link promotions to real-time game play and player behavior
  • Tailor rewards programs to both carded and non-carded players
  • Boost Players Club membership and increase carded play

Direct Promotions to Most Valuable Players

  • Identify and target “hot spots” across casino floor
  • Download promotions to specific games

Enhance Player Experience

  • Reach players at slots, restaurants, retail, hotel and more
  • Interact with players through host-assisted triggers
  • Personalize players’ rewards programs

Maximize Results Using Business Analytics

  • Determine promotion effectiveness and optimal conditions
  • Identify player preferences
  • Configure accounting and management report