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BLUEWAVEDX IS JCMGLOBAL’S NEWEST INDISPENSIBLE TOOL FOR EVERY SERVICE TECHNICIAN! Using high-speed data transfer, this lightweight handheld tool allows you to update, configure, and test your bill validators and printers with ease. Thanks to the high contrast, two-color LCD screen, users can now easily select firmware versions before transferring them. By connecting the BlueWaveDX to the bill validator via USB, the device allows the user to view the current firmware version, acceptance rate on the last 100 banknotes, enable or disable ICB function, run diagnostic tools, and review status errors. The BlueWaveDX is powered by either AAA batteries or a DC power supply.


  • Compact design with LCD display.
  • Confirms the firmware version already installed in BV.
  • Shows the acceptance rate of the last 100 notes.
  • Battery operated as well as DC power supply.

PDF Product Sheet

  • Show active error status in text message.
  • Integrated magnets on the case.
  • iVIZION, UBA, GEN2U, GEN5, UBA-RC, TBV, VEGA, iPRO, & iPRO-RC models supported.
  • Select the firmware from the list before downloading.
  • Easy check to see if the right firmware version is installed.
  • Able to monitor the health of BV quickly.
  • Allows on-site troubleshooting without referral to a manual.
  • Tool can be attached on metal cabinet during data transfer.
  • Convenient for field use.
  • Easy standard connection for all JCM products.

Load Speed

  • Approx. 30-120 sec (depending on the file size)


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed

Program Memory

  • SD and SDHC cards

Dimensions (WxDxH)

  • 76x38x125mm (2.99×″)


  • Approx 165g (0.36 lbs) without batteries and SD card


  • 4 AAA alkaline batteries
  • DC power supply