Alan Pi - IT Developer / System Administrator
IT Developer / System Administrator – JCM-US

Member of the JCM family since May, 2004

  • Why did you choose to join the JCM family?
    JCM is a well known leader in the Casino Gaming industry. After successful completion of several information technology projects with a commercial real-estate investment firm, I decided it was time to head for the challenges of the leading industry in Las Vegas: the gaming industry. JCM was an obvious choice. From the information I gathered with industry insiders prior to joining JCM, I learned that JCM has been one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the last 10 years. JCM is the leader of currency validation as a supplier for all the major gaming OEM’s (IGT, Bally’s, Williams Technology), since JCM practically invented the idea of having bill acceptors inside every slot machine.
  • Why have you chosen to remain a JCM family member?
    The JCM culture is much broader and multifaceted than I had anticipated prior to joining JCM. Starting with its award-winning office building and excellent work environment in the Las Vegas office, everyone is very friendly and professionally dedicated to their tasks and goals. JCM is a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, plus more than 50 years of successful history behind it. With a strong management team and focuses on technology and customer service, JCM has the long term vision and determination to compete and continue our leadership in the gaming industry. The continuing process of globalization with our Asian and European divisions is constantly improving our company’s efficiency, and at the same time, keeping the IT department very busy.

Senior Accountant
Senior Accountant – JCM-US

Member of the JCM family since February, 2006

  • Why did you choose to join the JCM family?
    It was late fall of 2005, when a former colleague mentioned to me about a career opportunity at JCM. I did some research about the company and obtained more information related to the specific functions of the open Finance position. I found out that JCM is one of the fastest growing companies in the gaming industry and it is the leader in bill validators. I was called in for interview and was offered the job a few days later.
  • Why have you chosen to remain a JCM family member?
    I like the challenge that I face each day. It’s very dynamic because I have to interact with different people, both from within and outside the organization. I apply the knowledge and the skills that I acquired over the years in my day to day activities with my job, and I’m also learning new things at the same time. The company is financially stable and it provides its members with good benefits. People work well with each other in my department and everyone is putting in 110% in their work.

Joe Jobson - IT Manager
IT Manager – JCM-US

Member of the JCM family since March, 2005

  • Why did you choose to join the JCM family?
    My wife and I planned to move to Las Vegas in 2009. Our plans were accelerated when my Michigan employer filed for bankruptcy. I found JCM’s employment listing in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s online employment section. The job description was an excellent match to my skill set. I flew out for the interview, was immediately impressed by JCM’s award winning facility and enthusiastic staff and thought, “I deserve to work for a great company like this.” I interviewed with IT department personnel as well as key management personnel and started work at JCM 10 days later! Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities on earth and JCM is at the heart of the gaming industry.
  • Why have you chosen to remain a JCM family member?
    As anticipated, JCM’s needs were a solid match with my skill set. Not only have I had the opportunity to make a contribution to JCM’s stability, I now have the opportunity to participate in Global projects with offices from Europe and Asia. I am part of a global team working towards common goals. Every day is a challenge and every day is different. I have the flexibility to make decisions that benefit the company globally, and have the luxury of making good choices without excessive micro-management. I see no end in sight for my time at JCM.

Mark Adams - Software Developer
Software Developer – JCM-US

Member of the JCM family since August, 2008

  • Why did you choose to join the JCM family?
    I began working at JCM right before my final semester at UNLV. I’ve always been interested by electronics, and life’s path has led me to study software and hardware. I like learning new things and I love problem solving. JCM stands out as a company that lets me use my skills to make things better and solve problems to create innovative products that will revolutionize the industry.
  • Why have you chosen to remain a JCM family member?
    Every day at JCM I am challenged and that is exciting. JCM is a great company in a exciting industry. You do not sit at a desk doing busy work but are called to create solutions to real problems. It takes a lot of work and thinking outside the box to stay on the cutting edge, but that is what draws me in.

Sales Coordinator
Sales Coordinator – JCM-US

Member of the JCM family since January, 2005

  • Why did you choose to join the JCM family?
    I started out as a temp for about a year and a half before an opening for JCM was available. I considered working for JCM as the company seemed to be very solid (and still is) and also for their benefit package they had to offer which is really good. The people you work with here are awesome and are always willing to help each other. Before I knew it, I was working for a very good company, with great people and an excellent benefit package.
  • Why have you chosen to remain a JCM family member?
    I have been here for four years and nine months, not counting the time I spent working for the temp agency, and I see myself working here for many more years. I love what I do and enjoy working with my coworkers and management, so I don’t see myself leaving the company in the near future. I enjoy working for JCM and would definitely recommend anyone to work here as well.


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